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New Horizon

New Horizon

Etienne Vittani
by etiennevittani on 31 Mar 2021

New Horizon is a project I did as part of my Bachelor's degree mentoring by Rolland Sarvarie.

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New Horizon

New Horizon is also a project I did as part of my Bachelor's degree mentoring by Rolland Sarvarie. The goal was to create the poster of a film of which we had to imagine the key elements. This project allowed us to approach the constraints of the realization of a poster and the rules inherent to it.

Here is the brief of my film:

"In the near future, the earth is no longer livable because it is completely polluted, as well as the ambient air.

Humanity has therefore decided to appropriate the upper layers of the atmosphere, which are still pure. However, a dystopia sets in, separating the different classes by wealth. The city is created by levels that descend further and further down in the clouds of pollution and are reserved for poorer and poorer classes of the population. The rich, on the other hand, live in the clean air.

A black market of objects from the Earth sets up and could lead to a discovery that could change everything..."

To begin with, I did a lot of sketch researches to find a composition that worked. Then I created my scene in 3D on Cinema 4D. The bases of the cities were made using the Mograph tool which allows me to build complex shapes from simple elements. I further complexed these shapes with displacement maps, which were also used to create the many small buildings in the cities. The large buildings are kitbash.

The biggest work was then done on Photoshop to create this atmosphere of pollution clouds and clearly show this dystopia. I also retextured to show more or less wear and dirt depending on the levels.

C4D Render

Some variations

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