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Smiley the Salamander (Game Jam)

Smiley the Salamander (Game Jam)

Iuliia Rozsa-Bakacsi
by pokusaika on 28 Mar 2021

I modelled and animated this character for a Plant Pot Hero game, an entry of the 2 days Ukie Student Game Jam (2021)

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Smiley the Salamander is the main character for a Plant Pot Hero, a 2 day Ukie Game Jam entry. In a team of four, we achieved a great result which I am very proud of! My team members did incredibly creating the game level and all the environmental assets, while my part was to model, rig, skin and animate a set of actions for the playable character.

The event's topic was "water", with an accent on clear water shortage and inaccessibility. This led us to an idea of the game where a player would need to care about his garden plants by watering them and cleaning a lake, where he gets that water. Due to this, the decision was made to create an amphibia character. The style was inspired by Animal crossing and Raymon games; therefore, we decided to make a character with separated limbs.

In terms of animation sets, we needed a basic one like IDLE and running, but we also needed to make the character collect and pour the water and clean the lake. Planning this, I decided to give the character a unique feel by making him drink the water and pour it straight from his mouth.

This project was an incredible joy and satisfaction to work at, and I'm absolutely grateful to my teammates for their hard and detailed work, which allowed me to produce such a nice result! Please have a look at their portfolios as well!

Niall Colvin -

Bethany Stacey -

Adam Wood -

And here is the link where you can download and try our creation yourself:

Character Triangle 4,684. Screenshots from the game.

Gameplay caption.

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