Bird Bone Crossbow

Bird Bone Crossbow

Ashley Jay Thornton
by ashleyjay on 14 Mar 2021

Bird Bone Crossbow New game ready asset, made for a character of mine, made from the remains of his kill!

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Here is my new game asset, The Bird Bone Crossbow, I have gone for a more stylized look and I find this art style fun and imaginative. 

The Skull of this bird is used to intimidate his pray, the points of the bolts create the illusion of eyes staring at you as you run!!

The feathers from his pray are used to check the winds direction, which is important with this weapon as the accuracy isn't amazing but has a powerful shot firing two bolts at a time.

The vertebrae are used to secure the bolts and guide them to its pray. also looks cool! 

Hope you find it fun to look at!

Happy Modelling

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