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Laundry Day

Laundry Day

Mirra Eden
by mirraeden on 10 Mar 2021

Created as a Looping Background visual piece to be played alongside a Lo-Fi playlist, Laundry Day is a focus on the ethereal and mesmerizing comfort that the simplest things can bring.

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The goal was to be able to create a scene that evoked a feeling of tranquility, safety, serenity, and escape from the past paced every day grind. 

To create the multiple layered sheets blowing in the wind, I first needed to create a convincing cloth object within Cinema 4D, then duplicate that process to create multiple sheets, each containing their own unique procedural looping wind simulation. 

Lo-fi beat animations help to further immerse their audiences into their focused state, so a break in the animation would break that concentration, and we couldn't have that.

After creating fabric textures in photoshop and rendering the sheets out of Cinema 4D, compositing them into their scene with After Effects, and adding additional string effects and atmospherics, Laundry Day was ready to loop for as long as it's audience wished to listen.   

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