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Weekly Drills 047 Military radio - SCR-300

Weekly Drills 047 Military radio - SCR-300

Guðjón Ragnarsson
by gudjon on 8 Mar 2021

This my first entry into a weekly drill challenge and for it I picked the SCR 300 field radio. This portable radio was used by the US Signal Corps during World War II. It was mounted on a soldier's back and was the first radio to be nicknamed "Walkie Talkie".

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Being a hard surface model I found the best way to go about making would be to use the SubD method. I allow myself to use as many polygons as I need because I do not intent to turn it into a game asset.

Being a widely used radio the references were not hard to come by.


Being in a rush to deliver before the challenges' end I was not able to make the post all too fancy. I will continue to refine it over the next couple of days.

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