Nice Costumes

Nice Costumes

Fernando Ruiz
by ferruiz97 on 6 Mar 2021

Concept by the great Max Ulichney A kid and his Dinosaur friend go trick-or-treating.

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 This was a project i started late December, before graduating, and finished in february, took me two months to finish, working on and off because of some other things i had to do. The vegetation was made using megascans. My main goal with this project was to produce a full movie frame trying to achieve Disney quality, im sure i didnt reach that goal, but i feel i grew as an artist, specially with lighting.  The workflow was pretty straight forward, i sculpted in zbrush, retopo in maya, textures in substance painter (with a bit of designer to create the dinosaur skin) and render in Blender. I choose blender for the render because i find cycles to be so much faster than arnold in my computer, maybe because my cpu isnt so strong.  Finally the compositing was made with DaVinci Resolve.

Here is the Original Concept

I love clay renders, its something i learned looking at Leticia GillettĀ“s work (awesome Disney Modeler), i find its really easy to read forms with clay renders.

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