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Grand Space Opera: Light Age

Grand Space Opera: Light Age

Lucie Travaux
by bostonflow and lucietravaux on 5 Mar 2021

Here is the final result and process of the Artstation Challenge Grand Space Opera: Environment/Level Art!

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Artstation Challenge Grand Space Opera: Light Age - Game Environment/Level Art

This is my first Artstation challenge, so I'm very happy to have made it to the end and show you the result! The challenge lasted about 2 months and I had to juggle between my classes at Isart Digital, my final project and this challenge. It was difficult to keep a schedule to finish on time and I would have liked to add and refine some elements. In particular, I would have liked to add detail to my meshes via Zbrush, but I preferred to concentrate on other things as the sculpt is very time-consuming and not what I prefer. I was able to improve my skills in Substance designer, lighting on unreal, work on small shaders and master material management for example. I was finally able to see more about vertex painting and foliage on unreal as I had never had the opportunity to really look into it in my previous projects.

I based myself on Florent Boston's incredible concepts, I encourage you to have a look at his Rookies ;)

Florent Boston's Concept VS Real-Time Render


Sand Tessellation painting

Orange Ball Foliage



Unreal Master Materials


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