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Commodore 64 Controller - Weekly Drills 046 | #GamingController

Commodore 64 Controller - Weekly Drills 046 | #GamingController

Amber Stacey
by amberstacey on 27 Feb 2021

For this weeks drill, I decided to travel back to the days of the Commodore 64.

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The C64 

3D Modelling:
C64 Controller , Wall, Desk - By Amber Stacey 

TV - By Alex Filip
Floppy Disk - 3Dee (Sketchfab Artist) 
Rubrix Cube - twd8464 (CG Trader)

Modelled in Maya
All assests textured in Substance Painter
Rendered in Substance Painter using iRay

Still a few areas that could be improved further, but overall happy to have made the finish line! 

To be able to make the deadline, I decided to model in Maya and render using iRay in Substance Painter. Here are a couple of wireframe + AO renders of the controller itself. 

A few learning curves along the way with modelling - such as working out how to punch holes into the mesh without the use of a boolean. 

I then decided I wanted to create a quick little scene for my controller, so found a couple of third party sources to include such as TV, Floppy Disk and Rubrix cube and then built the desk, wall and poster amongst them. Hopefully this would give it some sort of setting, but still keep the task manageable in a short turn around. 

For this week's weekly drill, I decided to go old school and attempt to model a Commodore 64 controller. Turns out there are a few variations of this controller, so I went with the top left as a starting point, including some inspiration for textures around the rims. 

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