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Victorian Interior Environment - Process
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Victorian Interior Environment - Process

Fiona Jenkins Pons
by fionajp on 25 Feb 2021

A breakdown and work in progress of an upcoming portfolio piece, a Victorian Interior environment.

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Update - 26 Feb 2021

Finished the modular pieces for building the environment today, and started working on the props that are going to decorate the scene. 

It's only a very basic setup at the moment, just to check normals and textures are working correctly. It's also exciting to see how things are starting to come together.

The ornate pieces decorating the walls are also modular. I created an atlas with several pieces as high poly and then baked them down to use as a texture. 

I've also made a little progress on the props! I've finished two different cabinets and textured them in Substance Painter. 

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Update - 25 Feb 2021

Hi! I'm currently working on a Victorian era inspired interior environment for my portfolio while taking a class from the amazing Emiel Sleegers. I thought it would be a neat idea to gather all my WIPs during the process of creating the enviroment here! So here goes!

This week I worked on the materials in Substance Designer. I'm going to revisit a few of them later on, as I think they might be lacking a little in detail, but I didn't want them to be too overwhelming once they're all thrown together in Unreal. 

My favourite of the bunch, the wood panelling for the floor! It was super fun to piece together the different directions of the wood grain to make sure they were weaving correctly over and under the other pieces.

Antique gold for trims and decorative pieces.

Plaster material for the walls. 

Fabric material, mainly for curtains and as a base for some decorative rugs/carpet.

Painted wood for window frames. This one I want to revisit in particular, mostly because it feels too plain and you can't see the details in the normal map unless you're up super close. Hopefully playing around with the normals strength can bring out some more details. It also feels a little too "clean", I think maybe some dust and grime could give it a little more character. Any constructive feedback is more than welcome of course!