Modular Wall Trim

Modular Wall Trim

by Sweenee on 22 Feb 2021

This is modular trim I made for my brick wall assets. I designed it to use in an Evil Scientist's tech company and industrial office building that I'm working on. It was a great experience in learning how to use alphas in Substance Painter.

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I designed this asset as trim for my brick wall assets. I wanted to keep with the industrial style of my last few assets as I plan on using these in a level set in an Evil Scientist's tech company. While it is set in the future, I wanted to give it a rougher style akin to the industrial style offices that are popular now. My biggest struggle I had making this project was with making the high poly model to be used for baking mesh maps in Substance Painter. For some reason, adding subdivisions in Maya was warping the model, so I decided finish the high poly in Blender. I had a lot of adding using alphas in Substance to create the inset details on the trim.

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