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L-Shaped Roof and Support Beams

L-Shaped Roof and Support Beams

by OliviaBachmeier on 21 Feb 2021

These are models of an l-shaped roof and four support beams.

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The model of the roof was pretty challenging. I laid out my wall models in Maya to figure out how I needed to size the roof. Then, I started off with two rectangles in an l shape and welded them together. I placed some edge loops to section off the l-shaped peak and the overhang. Then, I duplicated the shape. On one of the shapes, I moved the top l-shaped faces upward to create the overall triangular shape. Then, on the second shape, I selected the top and bottom l-shaped faces and move them upward to match the peak of the other shape. Then, I deleted all the faces expect for the overhang. I filled them in and lined them up with the roof. Then, after some research, I found out I could use boolean union to make all the shapes into one model. It took a while to get it exactly how it needed to be, but eventually it got there. Then, I arranged the UVs and brought the model into Substance Painter. I arranged the roof texture, the rusty texture, and the stone wall texture. Then, I added rain effects for some wear and tear.

The support beams were much simpler than the roof. Each of them will be used split up the wall texture to add variety to the final building design. The support beams were made from rectangles that were sized according to the preliminary building layout in Maya. All the support beams were made from rectangles and were given a slight bevel. The horizontal support beam proved to be the most difficult. It was made from a rectangle, but I had to add edge loops at the point where the slant started. Then I welded the upper vertices on either side. I arranged the UVs and brought each model into substance painter and textured them in similar ways. I added a dark wood texture. Then, I added a lighter brown plastic texture with a dirt generator to add some variation.     

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