Spooky Mansion

Spooky Mansion

Alex Ireland
by 04irale on 12 Feb 2021

A Spooky Mansion rendered in Unreal Engine 4, Most assets from Megascans, Maya, Substance suite for remaining assets

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My first post on this platform. Lets start it off with a BANG! shall we.

This is my first attempt at a scene within Unreal Engine 4, as well as my biggest personal project in a while. I had another idea but I did not have the skills within UE4 yet, so I decided to make another scene. For this scene, I was scrolling through Quxiel Bridge where I saw the modular kit which really inspired me to use it. The asset I did make how ever were Table to the left of the overview, the Victorian styled couch, and the dusty wooden book shelf in the background.

Layout Passes

Lighting Passes

Variation lighting for the different shots 

I attempted to tell a story through this work. It about how this mansion is used as a supernatural being home, Hence the skulls, herbs, blood, chains, and books.

Since this was my first attempt at creating a scene with in UE4 I have learnt a lot, such as volumetric lighting, instance materials, lighting maps (creating Lighting map UV maps), procedurally generating a skies e.t.c.

Back at Uni, so more to come soon! smiley

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