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The Lightkeeper and a Butterfly

The Lightkeeper and a Butterfly

Haris Nikolovski
by Haris on 6 Feb 2021

Short promo video and still images done for a James Banks Design jewelry.

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This is my work done for a jewelry client. They asked for a stills and a video loop for social media for the incoming Valentine's Day. It has to show their signature pieces -  butterflies and lightkeepers. 

I used Blender / Cycles for render and Photoshop for color grading.

Love filament is emitting light but not nearly enough to light the scene. I used  studio HDR for just a slight general light and to avoid pitch black areas on the reflective parts. There are 3 more additional lights in the scene. I used combination of cold (blue) from the left and warm (yellowish) light from the right, and final warm tone spot light on the main subject. 

My first idea was to have light gray background for a clean like product shot. Even I liked the result, it was not that striking like the dark version. Also glowing LOVE filament on the dark version add more to the theme of the project.

And for the final loop video I decided to add light sway of the hanged pieces with a slight movement in the camera for a change in perspective. There are two versions. One where the light emitting filament is constant and another where it flickers in and out. I will include here version with flickering light. If you are interested of constant light version video, wireframe image and working sketch you can check my Instagram page.

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