NOTRE DAME Leonardo Evangelisti

NOTRE DAME Leonardo Evangelisti

Leonardo Evangelisti
by nardevange on 3 Feb 2021

January 2021, Term final project - Think Tank Online, Vacouver. Sourceimage: Chateau Noir, Thomas Dubois. Is it possible being a colorblind person in the cg art work field? I'm trying to discover it. This was my first big project into cg art, made for Think Tank Vancouver. Come see my work!

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December 2020 - January 2021

This is my final term exercise for Think Tank Training Centre - Online, Foundation Term.
Goal of the exercise was to transform a 2D concept art into a 3D render, and make it alive. 
I chose " Chateau Noir" concept art, Thomas Dubois 

Softwares: Maya, Mudbox, V-Ray, Photoshop, ies_gen3

It was my first big experience in CG. I'm a colorblind person, I know for sure that something isn't as correct as I would want. Lookdev and comp were so difficult to me and stressed me so much. I am proud though of the result: because when I see it, I see all the efford I put into it! Feel free to share comments, opinions, it is always a pleasure sharing this passion with others.

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How I did it

Week 7 - Final render

Journey's end! I finished maybe a week before, at around week 6, but used all days in order to be more precise.

Week 7 - Comparison

Sourceimage: Chateau Noir, Thomas Dubois

Week 5/6 - Texturing and Comp

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Started texturing and comp at the same time. Tones are there, now I need to turn them more similar to the ones of the concept.

Week 3/4 - Lighting and Volumes

Because of the mood of the sourceimage, a lot of things behind the fog aren't seen deeply. I began the lighting phase before because I needed to understand which were the objects that I should have put more efford into.

Week 1/2 - Rough model

Project begins! This couple of weeks has been dedicated to fit perspective and shape all the objects inside the scene.

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