Summer Camp Dining Hall (UE4)

Summer Camp Dining Hall (UE4)

Nicolette Battad
by nicolettebattad on 2 Feb 2021

I am happy to share my Advanced Term project at Think Tank Training Centre -- Morning light floods the dining hall inspired by Camp Kandalore in Ontario, Canada

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I worked on this project over the course of 16 weeks with my focus being mood and prop creation (... and undoubtedly, wood materials). I was responsible for all interior assets, as well as the structure of the building which is constructed as a modular kit. The lighting is dynamic and I hope to practice baked lighting for future projects. This is a real-time environment rendered in Unreal Engine. A huge thanks to all my classmates and everyone who had a helping hand with crits and feedback, especially Jason Gullion.

This piece is also available to view on my Artstation:

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