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S.A.G.W.A.L. - Santa's Automated Gift Wrapping Assembly Line

S.A.G.W.A.L. - Santa's Automated Gift Wrapping Assembly Line

Boris Gvozderac
by borisg on 9 Jan 2021

Submission for a recent challenge I participated in. I've pasted the story behind it in the text section below the images, feel free to read it :)

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Rafiki is the name of the elven mind behind this brilliant ideation. He was always the odd duck, a misfit, but with a brilliant mind such as his, it's understandable why he doesn't appear relatable amongst his peers. One day, after a hard day's work, he starts wondering how he could speed up the production of the presents and make the work itself less demanding but decides to sleep on it... In the middle of the night, a marvelous idea reveals itself to him inside his dreams: AN AUTOMATED ASSEMBLY LINE. Dream by dream, night by night, it kept coming back, until he had every single piece of this engineering marvel on a blueprint, down to the last detail. First, he created the RAY!, which among other things is powered by the essence of homemade cookies and milk. He realized that by making such a device, you could alter Santas magic dust's molecular structure to transform it into anything you can imagine, and firstly uses it to create his gingerbread men helpers. The next thing he created was the Blueprint generator that picks up on intentions and wishes embedded in the children's wishlists and converts them into "molecular blueprints" of a dream toy. That combined with the RAY! made that happen in a matter of minutes... Few sleepless nights later, with the help of his new gingerbread friends, the assembly line was no longer just an idea on a paper, it was a working, revolutionary piece of machinery that changed the elven lives forever...

Oh and about the gingerbread men... they liked helping around sorting out wishlists so much that they've decided to stick around.

The moral of the story behind this piece was: "Work smart, not hard", so I wanted to create an elf who's, literal, dreamer nature was misunderstood for being lazy and unproductive, but who's passion laid in the creation of new inventions and most of all - sleeping. Which is the root of his genius and where he gets his ideas... inside his dreams.

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