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House in Scandinavia

House in Scandinavia

Nazar Siriachenko
by NazarSiriachenko on 9 Jan 2021

The concept of a private house in the Scandinavian open spaces. The house has a cylindrical shape, divided into 3 sectors: living room, bedroom, kitchen. The purpose of such a house is wide space and 360-degree visibility of nature.

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About this project

▪️Architecture is exactly what characterizes these concepts in the first place. It is important for people to feel protected and comfortable, this is due to ancient times.

▪️Therefore, even when the development of technology is at a high level, these rules apply in the first place. But at the same time there is aesthetics, it is something that combines technology and basic principles for man, in something extraordinary. This is what gives the feeling of something high and pleasant. Because the ultimate goal of a person is to feel good.

▪️In this project I wanted to show how in the modern world you can combine architecture, nature and man and at the same time maintain comfort, shelter and technology development, combining all this in an aesthetic form.

▪️The cylindrical shape of the house allows you to see nature and enjoy it 360 degrees, while having all the functionality of the building. I want to add that in terms of positive energy, this shape of the building is best suited, because it has no sharp corners, which has a great impact on people.

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