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The Red Dragon Inn

The Red Dragon Inn

John Hannon
by johnhannon on 1 Jan 2021

This was a long project set over at least 6 months. I worked on this piece in my spare time but it was a great learning experience. It's one of the first big environment pieces that i've done since I finished university and it was great to get back to a big project. It is based on the original concept by Mateusz Mazik

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This is a project i've been working on for a while, its The Red Dragon Inn based on the original concept by Mateusz Mizak. It was a long process but I learned a lot from it and i'm very happy with the result. I tried to keep the asset fairly optimised in terms of poly count and kept the workflow based in game asset production however I didn't limit myself to any texture size limit. I wanted to renders to be as good as they could be so each texture in the scene is set between 2k and 4k. I learned a trick with the renders that setting them higher for the render them halving the image quality in post makes the render far crisper. The one above is a compressed png.

Here is a render with the wireframe. Overall i'm sure the model could be far more optimized especially the rocks and staircase. However apart from that the rest of the model is fairly strong in terms of used faces. Without the grass in the scene the triangle count sits at around 117 thousand. With the grass it goes up 138 thousand. I'm sure this could be brought to a good deal by optimising the trees and some of the other assets but I set a time limit on myself to have it finished for the new year.

Below are a few renders from the progress, you can see how different assets had to be scaled to give the silhouette a more cohesive feel as well my process for replacing certain assets as i went.

Here are some shots to show a closer look at the environment.

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