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Kneepad Gameready Model

Kneepad Gameready Model

Yuri Titko
by yurititko on 4 Dec 2020

This project was about entry task for “Trace Studio” Bootcamp.

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Task Specification:

• High-poly model based on concept

• Low-poly model to 1000 triangles

• Baking normals tangent space: DirectX(-Y)

• Texturing PBR Metalness|Roughness

The hardest part of the test was to fit the number of polygons into the budget. During my work, I drew attention to the materials from which the elements of the knee pad are made. I tried to convey the contrast between the materials, the nature of the materials, their tectonics and plastic. The total budget of polygons amounted to 998 triangles. UV maps were made with UVPackmaster add-on for Blender.

It was a great experience for me to practice modeling, baking and texturing skills and once again work out AAA gameready model pipeline.

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