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Rookies Weekly Drills 034 - IsometricRoom
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Rookies Weekly Drills 034 - IsometricRoom

Jon Sharratt
by trashart on 22 Nov 2020

Concept of a certain arcade from one of my favourite film franchises.

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Update - 27 Nov 2020

Think this completes what I initially set out to do for this entry, was certainly a learning experience of how many props you really need to start bringing an environment remotely to life :D

In this final update I added some wires, coins and modelled / textured a new gun shooting arcade and some crushed IPA cans around the place.

Learnt a lot and will no doubt re-visit this project so that you can interact within it such as turn on power and maybe even play some arcade games.

Will be using this project to submit as part of the Unreal Fall Learning challenge.

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Update - 25 Nov 2020

Created a first version of the Rookies hero arcade cabinet (based on a Tron cabinet) this evening with high scores from previous week winners. Added the current week as the game level to the screen, did a quick pass on the fuse box just to get that out of the way as a smaller element part of the scene.

Tomorrow is really going to be trying to add small props and perhaps another arcade cabinet type. Think I need to add wires or something to really break up the ground, enrich it even more and sell the whole arcade element. Certainly feels like I am missing a few things still. 

Update - 24 Nov 2020

This evening got a first pass at a change machine (not looking 100% great just now but I have to move on). Have managed to get the office textured up with some graffiti and mind your head warning all worn away to try and fit into the scene. Also have the arch wall and pillars textured. Going to need to re-do the arch wall mesh as it is a bit of a mess just now.

Tomorrow is the all important Rookies arcade machine / other arcade variant. Last day will then be sorting out the power cabinet, sockets and other small props such as coins on the floor etc to try and bring the scene even more to life.

With limited time will have to see how far we get with all the ambitious interactive plans I have on my list!

Update - 23 Nov 2020

After finishing up work decided to update my arcade cabinet model / textures to get them telling a story and at least look dusty, only thing I didn't do this evening is to create the illustrations, these are from Adobe Stock via my Creative Cloud subscription.

Made the tiled flooring have more variation to break it up more for dirt, dust and an element of concrete splashes. The office seemed to look like it was floating way too much so added some quick support beams to sell that the office could actually exist.

Showcasing some of the other models individually that have been created for the scene and textured as a first pass to getting them in the environment.

Will update the project tomorrow with more textures and models as it starts to come together, this evening I have to switch back onto CGSpectrum coursework :D

Rough plan tomorrow is to focus on creating the secondary arcade unit and get the "Change Machine" done as a first first pass.

Update - 22 Nov 2020

First Pass Arcade Cabinet Model with Colour Variation Materials

Created the relevant high resolution mesh and low poly mesh with some basic colour variants to start seeing how it will look within the scene.

Additionally added Rectangle Lights on each of the screens just to give them a little bit of life.

Scene and Prop Meshes

Created the relevant block out meshes and now in the process of creating high resolution meshes where needed to achieve the look I want.

Naming everything and using the convention based workflow to export FBX from Maya and textures from Substance straight into Unreal Engine.

Rookies Neon Sign

Used ZBrush to create the base mesh. Had the idea to simply create an alpha using the Rookies logo in photoshop and then used that to generate a base model with "Make 3D".

Awesome feature of ZBrush to easily get a 3D base Mesh of an alpha, super pleased with how it turned out with little effort.

Blocking Out & Planning

Started to create my weekly drill this weekend. Currently in progress. Due to building a full scene in Unreal and all of the models from scratch. I thought it would be best to to do a play by play.

First planned my idea and grabbed a load of reference, I then setup a Milanote board to track each asset as I progress through them. I created the block out in Maya first then setup my project and file structure within Unreal Engine.

Asset Tracker: