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Farewell - A CG Short Film

Farewell - A CG Short Film

Gercek Taskala
by gtask, miriakutzner, and reyfaison on 12 Nov 2020

This short film shows a planet on which various beings live. One of them has has to leave the family and the planet for a specific mission. We don't know why it is leaving the planet, but saying goodbye is difficult. So farewell ...

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This project was once realized by me and Pascal Kuhn during our education. We didn´t had the time to complete it very well because we hadn´t the time. We just did a quick version of it which was not so good. After finishing education I decided to redo the whole animation by myself. My thought was that it is worth to make this piece again. But now how it had to be done before. After rigging by Miria Kutzner I started. There were many obstacles that I had to overcome. First there was the C-19 Lockdown which was a big one. Then I got a big health problem that took 2 months to go away. Every week I had to send my work to my mentor so that he can tell me if everything is ok or not. This took also some time. After that my father died. Puh not so good. And after that there was the rendering. The rendering took approx. 2 weeks because I had to render it at home with one PC and one Laptop. And at last it had to be composited. Parallel a old friend of mine (Dominik Woell) did the music. So finally I could do the final result. A long journey that it was worth. After publishing I realized that the story I am telling, the kid is me. The character that leaves the family to go on on a mission is my father with the difference, that I will never see my father again and he couldn´t watch my final result. All I can say is: THANK YOU!!! to all of you that helped me to realize this. Especially my Family and my mentor. And to all other artist never give up your dream and work hard for it.

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