Scifi house concept

Scifi house concept

Jesse Serrano
by blueblankey on 3 Nov 2020

Concept for a fictional architectural style created through directionless speed modeling

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Further concept iteration:

A freshly constructed dwelling for a small family of well-to-do Zios.

With the owners being independent but closely aligned with the technologically advanced "Regal" faction, the architecture retains a mix of 'light' formed metallic cement as well as pre-cut material slabs. Some elements that weren't covered by the expensive Regal machinery were filled in with layer printed concrete. Many of its design aspects were formed around its specially built water treatment machinery, which enables full independence from water and waste concerns. The location was chosen with this in mind as well as for its seaside views. The building includes a small garage/ fabrication shop with an extendable ramp for personal watercraft.

- the reason the outside deck chairs are on a different level from the entryway is that Zios are naturally aboreal. They prefer to relax/ converse at a higher level than their surroundings. They also enjoy jumping and with the planet's low gravity they find hopping between floors to be more convenient.

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