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Prospect of Whitby
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Prospect of Whitby

Cristina Andrés
by evaki on 26 Oct 2020

I just wanted to recreate the old London atmosphere at night, with the pub lights and all the mistery that follows...

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Update - 26 Oct 2020

This was a project based on a real pub located in London, The Prospect of Whitby. I love this type of buildings, they have like their own charm and character with the wood inside and the walls of brick. I just wanted to try to recreate one of those and I chose this beautiful one because of its personality and antiquity. 

I also had the chance to practice with my first car! I will go back to it, Mustangs are beauties and I would like to improve it now that I know better how to do it. 

I leave some pictures from the real one below! 

I aprrecciate all feedback!

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