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Trivial Nature
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Trivial Nature

Lorenzo Ivens
by Aliza Fruchter, Gilles Schroeyers, Jef Belmans, Matthias Bodson, Sacha Gonzalez-De Muer, and loloivens on 25 Oct 2020

An educational mobile game in de making for a group project. This will have a quiz where, depending on your answers, the biome with your animal wil change. The other people that worked on this project are: Matthias Bodson, Aliza Fruchter, Gilles Schroeyers, Jef Belmans en Sacha Gonzalez-De Muer

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Update - 21 Jan 2021

The project is over. After 3 months of work, today was the final day. 

As a last thing i did for this project, i would like to post our trailer.

Thank you to everyone that took an interest to this project, and thank you to the other members of the project. Without you guys and gal, it woudn't have been half as good as it is now.

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Update - 12 Jan 2021

Did some mostly behind de scenes work this time, but one of the things i did make was a small biome for the penguins in the compandium.

I also made a dying animation for the tamarins.

Update - 27 Dec 2020

Did some work on the animals for the new biome these past 2 or 3 days. Mostly polishing some models and then animating them

Polished the following models

The first 2 are of the original model, the last 2 after i polished them

I needed to do some retopologie for this one. There were some problems when trying to animate the original one, so i took that onto myself.

Then the animations:

Update - 23 Dec 2020

Progress update: the past day i did some more work on this group.  These are the things i did:

Made some idle animations

Created a black faced lion tamarin texture with handpainting.

Update - 13 Dec 2020

The past week I worked on the following:

Remade the rig of the monkey after some exporting problems. This meant new animations were needed, which i made.

I made a small animation of a page turn for the ingame book

Update - 3 Dec 2020

I did the following things for this update:

I animated some monkeys

Modeled some trees

Reworked the ecoduct

Update - 16 Nov 2020

The first trailer for our group project, edited by yours trully. ( and some encouraging words from the others)

Update - 13 Nov 2020

Made some stills for use in the game

Update - 9 Nov 2020

So after some more weeks of work these are the following updates.

Modeled a tractor

Animated the monkey

Modeled some rocks

Modeled a plantation

Update - 25 Oct 2020

Model monkey*

*The conversion from quads to tris was done by someone else in our group


*The conversion from quads to tris was done by someone else in our group & i didn't start modelling the cow, i just finished the model

Farm building*

*I didn't start the model, but finished it.