Modern Resturant In Dark Wood

Modern Resturant In Dark Wood

Nikita Nielsen
by nikitanielsen on 15 Oct 2020

A project I made at school, with focus on lightning and setting a mood. Made with 3dsmax and vray.

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H2 school project with focus on lightning

This project is made under a school period away from my apprenticeship. The core focus where around lightning and creating a mood. I work with retail visualisation so for me it was important to both work with more home like feelings but also work with retail lightning, and a resturant was a good in-between. 

Before starting any project, I collect a ton of inspiration, so I can create a moodboard, and collect ideas through out the project. This time I tried to make a wall plan. I did use it, but the project changed a lot from it. 

For this project I used: 3Ds Max, V-ray, photoshop. 
Most objects are created by me, but some of the objects are downloaded. Textures are a mix of my own and downloaded from diffrent websites.

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