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CORPSY CORP: Beauty Shots

CORPSY CORP: Beauty Shots

Jordan Noyer
by Emilie Dehoorne, Matthieu Boissinot, Nina Naour, Ondine Champetier de Ribes, Paul Darbot, Pierre Olivier Malo, Thomas Bellamy, and jordannoyer on 16 Oct 2020

CORPSY CORP is a short video game made on Unity for my studies in Brassart TOURS. Here you will see how this game was created. Enjoy !

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Hello there ! My name is Jordan Noyer. I'm a french 3D student in Brassart Tours and this is a showcase of the work I have done for my last school project: CORPSY CORP.

Made with the amazing team composed of Ondine Champetier de Ribes, Nina Naour, Emilie Dehoorne and Thomas Bellamy.

without them, this game wouldn't be what it is today.

Here you will see all the beautyshots that I have made for the Game and the Artbook

3D characters models made by Ondine Champetier de Ribes

3D characters textures made by Nina Naour

3D characters skin and rig made by Jordan Noyer

3D props made by Nina Naour, Emilie Dehoorne and Jordan Noyer

Renald Ignas Perceval, also known as RIP, the main protagonist of CORPSY CORP

Welcome to the Departmental Center of Death ! (DCD) Here you will recieve your missions and also you can have a little Kaputccino

Here comes the singer Claudio Francis ! One of your first... client.

Captain Smith and his famous cruiser "The Unsinkable" 

Your office. Good luck with all those missions. But you're gonna love them, it's to die for...

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