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CORPSY CORP:  Concept Art

CORPSY CORP: Concept Art

Jordan Noyer
by Emilie Dehoorne, Matthieu Boissinot, Nina Naour, Ondine Champetier de Ribes, Pierre Olivier Malo, Thomas Bellamy, and jordannoyer on 16 Oct 2020

CORPSY CORP is a short video game made on Unity for my studies in Brassart TOURS. Here you will see how this game was created. Enjoy !

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Hello there ! My name is Jordan Noyer. I'm a french 3D student in Brassart Tours and this is a showcase of the work I have done for my last school project: CORPSY CORP.

Made with the amazing team composed of Ondine Champetier de Ribes, Nina Naour, Emilie Dehoorne and Thomas Bellamy.

without them, this game wouldn't be what it is today.

"when he died, RIP, not having enough credits to go to Heaven is offered a position that would allow him to earn the missing points to access it. A little in spite of himself, he finds himself hired in the company DCD (Departmental Center of Death)  This enterprise, unknown to the living is the business of Death itself. "

These are some of the concept arts that I did for RIP.

-Renald Ignas Perceval.  In internship at DCD

- Duty calls me (with a french joke using the word shovel)

- In DCD, "it goes away and it doesn't come back" (using the lyrics of a french song)

-In DCD, Your goal, is to kill them all.

Some concept art that I did for the final cutscene of the game. I was in charge of the volcano's FX

During preproduction, I was mainly in charge of the creation of the second level: The Unsinkable.

In this level, you're gonna have to find a way to sink the ship using the environment and distracting the captain.

a small part of the concepts that I did for the props of the second level.

The art style of our game is heavily inspired by Nina Naour's graphic style. A talentuous artist who was in charge of the texturing of all the characters and some scenes in the game

I did the concept art of the captain in the early beginning of the preproduction (october 2019) the art style of the game was not entirely on point

RIP's desk at the DCD /  RIP FX just after he finish his mission. Due to the global pandemic, we were unable to create RIP's little animation for the game in time.

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