🍄 No Shroom For Error - GameJam Winner

🍄 No Shroom For Error - GameJam Winner

Ellis Carter
by elliscarter on 6 Oct 2020

You are lost in an enchanted forest, about to succumb to a deadly poison, armed only with your written page of research notes, you must inspect and visually identify which mushrooms will save your life, and which will kill you faster. Made in 4 days by the "Eldritch Screaming" GameJam team.

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My teams entry for the University GameJam 2020, took home 1st place in "Best Overall Game" as voted for by industry guests and "Best Looking Game" as voted for by the other GameJam participants.

Ellis Carter (3D Art) --- Artstation.com/EllisCarter

Boyan Dimitrov (2D & 3D Art) --- Artstation.com/Boyan

Mathew Pembleton (Tech Art) --- Artstation.com/MathewPembleton

Benedict Targett (Code) --- Instagram.com/syriph

No Shroom for Error can be downloaded and played here:



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