Nicolas Monteiro Delgado Gomes
by nicomdg on 5 Oct 2020

Here is the Gum Armor, a character design made for the Massive Black's character design challenge. The goal was to design a character who deals with gum. So this armor always followed by its flying device changes his mood and abilities depending on the type of gum it eats, with giant teeth in the middle of its body.

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The flying device and the four types of gums

Each gum gives differents powers and changes the state of the armor. The pink one makes it high with a lot of fluffy clouds and the armor acts in a completely unpredictable way. The red one makes it control fire gum and increases the heat of the environment. The blue one makes the opposite, everything is cold and sliding. And finally the "Big Bang" one, creates a big something where the armor loses control and its mind in an explosion of gum and colors.

This is some researches of the armor assimilation process.

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