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Castle Houska - Gateway to Hell

Castle Houska - Gateway to Hell

Eldar Seydamet
by eldarsey on 22 Sep 2020

This is my first real-time game environment, completed in Unreal Engine 4. This chapel is part of the Bohemian Castle Houska, built in 13th century. The legend says the castle was built above the gateway to Hell to keep the evil, which terrorized the people, away.

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This chapel is located directly above the bottomless pit deemed as the gateway to Hell. The castle has blood chilling history of paranormal accidents, but there is more: in 1945, the Nazis occupied the castle and the legend says they have conducted some supernatural experiments there, trying to sate their curiosity of the occult.

This is the conclusion of my intermediate term at Think Tank and it has been the steepest learning curve so far. Huge thank you to my supervisor Jason Gullion who went above and beyond helping our class; to my classmates who have always helped me when I was stuck; and to my family and friends for the support.

Floor tile varitions were done procedurally in Substance Designer. The pebbles are also 100% procedural. I used subgraph height layering techniques for that, which I learnt from my supervisor this term.

These two wall materials are hybrid. I used Quixel scans as a base and manipulated them with added procedurals, as well as some photo conversions. The stone pattern/height is procedural.

Some furniture props.

This arch prop was set as a challenge to figure out how to break it down into my first trim sheet. This saved me 3 full texture maps since the prop is massive. Here you can see some sculpted parts of the trim sheet.

Candles in clay. 

To create the sheaf I used Quixel crop atlas and modified it. Then made the cards and transferred ellipse normals onto the sheaf to keep correct volume and lighting.

Modular set used in the scene.

Thanks for checking it out!

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