Elf Demon illustration

Elf Demon illustration

Peter Hartnett
by peterh on 17 Sep 2020

A DTIYS for a friend's (snguine) IG account hitting 5k. Digital painting in infinite painter and procreate.

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This was a "Draw this in your style" from a friend's (snguine) Instagram account.

Starting with this base image as the character template.

My process is fairly consistent.

1-Sketch out poses and ideas as thumbnails or words, these are very rough line drawings that I will discard rapidly as is the case with this project where they do not exist any more.

2-Rough colors on top of a sketch

3- A little bit of defining the volumes and playing with proportions while thinking about lighting

4-Quick mock up in 3d and then placing lights to give a more accurate idea of where shadows will lie. I will bounce back to this model when I have any other ideas or questions about light.

5-Render out the shapes and textures more.

6-Apply more light and shadow to make the image pop more

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