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GBA Collection + GB Jam

GBA Collection + GB Jam

Sam Claydon
by SamClaydon on 9 Sep 2020

For this drill this week I wanted to recreate my first console, the GBA. During this week I was also working on creating a game for the GB Jam. The Jam was specifically for creating games that you would see on an old school Gameboy.

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GBA Collection

Welcome to my submission for the Weekly Drill. I decided to recreate the GBA as this was the very first console that I owned. I loved playing the GBA when I got home from school and I have always loved the design.

I decided to continue with the Voxel Art style as it reminds me of the pixelated art of the Gameboy's screen.

It's a Little Grim

Welcome to Purgatory! Puzzle your way through this game to uncover the truth!

Luckily for me the theme for this weeks drill was Retro Electronics and I feel like this project fit really well. This game took a few days to create and could be played on an original Gameboy. I really enjoyed creating this small game and would love to create more in the future in this art style. 

If you want to play it, it's over on

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