Cyberpunk Fan Made Project
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Cyberpunk Fan Made Project

M.Izha Fakhri
by izhafakhri on 2 Sep 2020

This is a Fan Made re-create a Cyberpunk city inspired by Cyberpunk 2077

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Update - 30 Sep 2020

Final Render

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Update - 24 Sep 2020

New update.. Re-model the building and add some block

Update - 11 Sep 2020

Cycles Render & EEVEE Render

Update - 8 Sep 2020

Modelling Bulding 1

Update - 2 Sep 2020

Hi Everybody.. Me and my friend gonna re-create a Cyberpunk city inspired from upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. It's On going progress. 

This Concept Art by @kamize

Refrence for Buildings, Streets, Atmosphere, lighting, and some detail

Scene Blockout