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Spiny Spooner Crab

Spiny Spooner Crab

Erika Madsen
by emadsen on 25 Aug 2020

A short project to better understand organic modeling, sculpting, and texturing, while also learning the fundamentals of grooming.

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This is my most recent asset, completed so that I could better learn how to model, sculpt, and texture organic assets. I also wanted to learn some of the basics of grooming in Xgen, so I made sure to choose a hairy species of crab. Spiny Spooner Crabs are found across the Indo West Pacific area, living at a depth of up to 20 metres below the surface. They're very colourful and bright because they are often spotted living among corals!

A short breakdown of my maps. I used a PBR workflow in Mari using the node system. It was nice to texture an organic asset with PBR, because I didn't have to use the metalness map at all!

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