Jagare the Destroyer of Men

Jagare the Destroyer of Men

by bishopmontanha on 6 Aug 2020

Character Orc Creation - My first one.

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My first full character from blocking out > Modelling the armour and texturing. Pleased that I got through the workflow and will take lessons learnt to the next character.

Backstory of the orc

He's the local blacksmith that was known throughout the land, crafting great works and people sought out his wares from far and wide. However, there was an evil king/sorcerer who was from the human race and feared other races. Most people didn't think like him but he was so cruel that good men did nothing.

One day, he came back to his village after getting some ore, to find it ablaze. He saw his home burning and fearing for his family, rushed into the burning building and saw everything in flames. He tried to pick up the burning wood that was over his wife (hence the scars on his torso and arms) but it was too late, his family were gone.

Angry and filled with rage, he set out to avenge his family, killing anyone that stood in his way to kill his enemy. He only killed humans that deserved it and prevented him from his mission, he wears his enemies as a reminder of his mission (the skull and loincloth).

Will he find peace, will he be happy if he completes his mission, who knows. Time will tell

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