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Persephone's Shrine
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Persephone's Shrine

Grace Wong
by gracewong on 2 Aug 2020

A personal project inspired by Greek Mythology and Phoenician culture.

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Update - 2 Aug 2020

The shrine opens every 550 years during the First Light of Eos. 

Break down of statue parts:

Mechanics of the base that transforms into a secret passage.

Flat view of plinth, columns, and base included. 

Close up of alphabets and numbers carved around the base

Break down of Pillars of the Nymphs

According to Roman mythology, nymphs are protectors of Persephone. There are six pillars surrounding Persephone's Shrine that symbolize their existence.

Each pillar are engraved with ancient spells that help activate the opening passage to Persephone's Shrine.

However...One of the pieces of the pillars went missing...It is the player's mission to find the missing piece before the Light of Eos. otherwise, chaos will follow.

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