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by n3etr0 on 31 Jul 2020

Front1er tells the story of two unknown species that will have to come together to survive in the face of a common danger. You'll find the style, the designs for a science-fiction FPS game. The emphasis will be on the designs, and the concepts developed. There will be characters, environments, vehicles, keyframes.

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Update - 31 Jul 2020

This project is important to me because I really want to push my limits, stop being afraid of making mistakes and come up with something that will have a significant impact on my career and my design skills.

So this project is called Front1er. Think of it as a video game project for the triple-A, but it's still in development. As a junior concept artist, I learned how to detect what might be asked of me in a studio, and after doing a lot of research on the internet, I created a line-up of work to be done to flesh out this project. 

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