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Hair Research

Hair Research

Wiktoria Kubien
by wiktoriakubien on 22 Mar 2019

This is my progress on working with realtime hair so far. It's been quite a journey to learn about it and figure out how to work efficiently with haircards but I am really happy that I did. Plus I feel like you can actually see the improvement! All of the hairstyles were created with the same hair texture.

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This is my newest result of my realtime hair research

My first try at making hair. This was my biggest trial and error work of them all.

After a while, when I participated in the Artstation contest I created a new hairstyle, which was much more "clean". The shader was ugly though.

So I researched it a bit more and created this as a result.

After doing so, I realized I would want to share in portfolio my hair research, so I went back to the first hairstyle and fixed its shader. In the end, I thought that the hairstyle itself was just badly done so Instead of fixing the rest, I moved on.

This was my victim number 3. I dropped it at 30% of its creation, since I felt like it would still not show how much I learned through my research. That's when I started the newest one.

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