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Post Apocalypse

Post Apocalypse

Michaela Maria Wartbichler
by michaelamariawartbichler on 15 Jul 2020

If you look through history, no matter how bad things were, life always found a way - and always will. That's the thought I wanted to shine through in this artwork. I created this image for the #kb3dcontest POST APOCALYPSE.

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PEOPLE ARE AMAZING, NATURE IS AMAZING ... and no matter how bad things are ... life will find a way.

And never forget, there is always someone out there holding a smoke flare for you.

3D Process

Short breakdown of how I create the 3D base in Cinema4D:

Paint Over

All the nice Photoshop Post Action in a layer breakdown :-)

Interview & WIP

If you want to read my Kitbash3D interview on the creation of this piece ... follow this link in the Post Apocalypse hole :-)

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