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Sushan Manandhar
by Sushan on 10 Jul 2020

Dora, the only precious that John's left with in his life, is now being taken hostage by some cartel organization. They are believed to surgically hide drugs inside children to cross borders. John is ready to do ANYTHING to get his little princess back home safe and these muppets have no idea who they're dealing with.

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"Dora" is a part of "The Arquero" series which is a self imagined story from me. This little girl, Dora, gets kidnapped by some men and now her dad, John, is supposed to save her.

I am blessed to have supports from my Art heroes like Mohammad Asraf, Ryan Kingslien and Magdalena Dadela for providing me with their astounding feedbacks on my various iterations. This project has been challenging in many ways but was a complete fun more than anything else.


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