Mauser Magnum

Mauser Magnum

by ajacobs on 6 Jul 2020

A video game hand cannon merger of western magnum revolver with the eastern Mauser pistol. Inspired by current shooter trends: physics driven ornaments and loot variety. Inspired by Simon Fuchs tutorial on Mauser pistol. Interview about this prop on 80 Level:

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Variations of revolver mesh accomplished through texture sets for Modern Military, Vintage Fantasy, and Cyberpunk Future variants. Inspired by recent proliferation of loot drops in modern shooters.

Fan Art variant of the prop made in late 2019. Dual purpose as a collection of references to video game website Giant Bomb dot com, inspired by E3 press coverage, and the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. 

Chess set scene built from revolver trinkets.

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