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#WeeklyDrills 013 - Quantum Engine Hard Surface Model

#WeeklyDrills 013 - Quantum Engine Hard Surface Model

Julián R. Bassó
by julianbasso on 3 Jul 2020

For my first drill submission I created a Quantum Drive Engine inspired by real rocket technology and some imagination. Modeled and textured in a week, the asset is game ready with blueprints for thruster movement and particle trigger.

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Had lots of fun creating this asset! Have to say it got hectic at the end..  The complexity of this engine had me running back and forth from UV's to materials to blueprints in such a short time. I wanted to texture all the objects within the same FBX in Substance Painter at 4k to make sure materials came out in harmony. It gave my computer a rough time at first but ran perfectly after I messed with a couple settings. Had a blast creating the video using UE4 Sequencer, make sure to enable audio while watching it!!

*Particle system in video acquire from the Epic Games Store * 

Love the idea of weekly drills, gives us an opportunity to push our abilities and show off our skills. 

Thanks for checking out my submission!Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments as I do intend to polish this asset further and would like to hear your thoughts :)

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