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Dzulkhair Bin Kamal Taufiq
by khaiartz on 3 Jun 2020

This is my take on Spider-Man for 2D Animation, I am trying to mix in the classic and the modern/future looks together by bringing elements from both eras into one in this Marvel Animated Universe.

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Update - 3 Jun 2020


Here I did a redesigned of The Friendly Neighbourhood Superhero created by the legend Stan Lee(R. I. P) for 2D Animation.

Character Breakdown:
 Name: Peter "Stan" Parker
Age: 28
Earth: 2020

Part-Time Photographer at the Daily Bugle, Full-Time Hero in New York City.
Member of the Avengers Initiative.

I want to bring the classics to the modern era by taking inspirations from when Spiderman first debut where he was actually red and black with blue highlights. I made his black a very toned down navy blue for highlights and the blue neon lining is to make his suit look futuristic with the technology he uses to make his suit, the spider wings for gliding and aesthetically it looks cool, his eye lenses are a pale yellow to make it look different from the usual white, webshooters can't really be seen as it is under the suit and the spider emblem is pointy to make it look slick and streamlined.

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