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"THE JOKER" 2020
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"THE JOKER" 2020

Dzulkhair Bin Kamal Taufiq
by khaiartz on 3 Jun 2020

This is my own take of the famous DC Comics Supervillain The Joker. I was imagining myself doing a gritty, dark Animated series for Batman and I designed how Joker would look for this universe.

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Update - 3 Jun 2020

"THE JOKER" 2020

Here is my reimagined of The Clown Prince Of Crime for Animation.

Character Breakdown:
Name: The Joker
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 59
Earth: 2020
Murderous Crime Lord of Gotham
Member of the Legion Of Doom

Costume Design:
This version of The Joker is a murderous psychopath and crime lord of Gotham that is the reason the very classy gangster look I gave him and to play homage to the classics and movies, I mix in colours from those and have this more darker tone to his costume while still resembling the bright colours for this universe. This Joker is an old dude who has much experience with the Batman, from the scar on his right cheek due to a Batarang thrown at him and his golden teeth because he got punched in the face by a furious Dark Knight as Joker murdered the Batman's son, Jason Todd the second Robin.

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