Enjoy Your Ride-3D animation (Team)

Enjoy Your Ride-3D animation (Team)

Heng Jo Yi
by hengjoyi on 1 Jun 2020

Nugget loves spending time at his local empty carnival. His favourite ride? The Mega Drop. Little did that poor boy know that the staff on shift today is Vincent. An unenthusiastic, slacks, unbothered teen. Will Nugget get to Enjoy His Ride or will Vincent ruin his fun time? Done by my awesome team SPSPSPSP

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This is the final video for our studio project! Done by Team SPSPSPSP (Wuhuai , Yu Heng, Rekha , Jie Xin, Nurin and Jo Yi)

Here is the colour script i worked on for our film.

I was in charge of the design for our lovable boy nugget. These are his explorations

Some facial expression references for our production.

Here is Nugget's Turntable

This is the final line up with the other character Vincent! Designed by Yu Heng!

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