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Oscar Bagalini's portfolio

Oscar Bagalini's portfolio

Oscar Bagalini
by oscarbagalini on 31 May 2020

Hi, i'm a french student in New3dge (Paris). Here is a bit of my work done over the past two years in this school, I hope you will like it !

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This project was created as part of a charadesign course with Lucile Meunier. The goal was to reclaim an existing fictional universe by creating a series of 5 characters. Blxcksad is therefore a reinterpretation of the famous comic book Blacksad, created by Diaz Canales and Guarnido.

My process is simple, after having resolved the major design problems I redid a clean line and added occlusions. Then I just added the local colors, created a shadow layer in product mode on top of it and painted over.


The exercise was to design an original gladiator and his weapon so I chose to imagine a gladiator inspired by warriors of African ethnicities like the Masaï.


For this exercise I had to imagine an environment inspired by feudal china during a class with Etienne Hebinger. The goal was to design an architecture and create several lighting scenarios. So here is my forge made in gravity skecth and photoshop !

Here is an environment design created during a course with Balazs Agoston, exploring the photobash techniques, after making some thumbnails.


Here are some studies, an exercise that I love doing to try new techniques and train my eyes.

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