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Attack On Mars

Attack On Mars

Andreas Tryfonos
by andreascgi on 31 May 2020

So this is a small part of a story I wrote. The story is about a young couple who desperately leaves Earth behind and immigrates to Mars in hope for a better future. The whole story is about the continues struggle that illegal immigrants and refuges face when they first arrive at a new country.

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Director / Animator / Rigger / Editor / Rendering - Andreas Tryfonos

Lead Artist / Female Character Modeler - Niki-Eirini (Nirena) Gionanidi

Character / Texture Artist - Niki-Eirini (Nirena) Gionanidi

Lighting Artist - Niki-Eirini (Nirena) Gionanidi

Male Character Modeler - Edi Jivkov

Spaceship Hard Surface Modeller - Laurie Cope

Female Armour Hard Surface Modeler - Mari-Liis Palk

Sound Design / Music - Alexis Yiangoullis

VFX / Compositing / Rendering / Lighting - Taylor Webber

VFX / Compositing / GUI - Matt Hawker

Male Character - Joel Simoes

Female Character - Ronikka Gabrielle Albarico-Kendall

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