The Golden Line - Bioshock London DLC

The Golden Line - Bioshock London DLC

Viktor Pecsi
by viktorpecsi on 31 May 2020

Game Art project in our 2nd year at Escape Studios.

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I was the producer and an environment artist for our 12 weeks long team project in our 2nd year at Escape studios, London. The brief was Bioshock London, a fictional DLC level that ties into the Bioshock universe while placed in or around London. Our team consisted of 9 students with the help of our tutors, we had to design, pitch, produce and showcase the entire level. We managed to finish a fully playable level, with gameplay elements, interactions, voice acting and sequencer events. It was a honour being part of such a great team and helping them with my management and artist skills.

My contribution to the project includes:

-Creating and tracking the asset list on a daily basis.

-Task scheduling and general project management.

-Creating and updating Trello pages to track progress.

-Building modular elements, such as walls, pipes, corridors and some reusable props such as doors or pillars.

-Creating a trim sheet to be used through the game for an unified look.

-Audio editing

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 Collaborators: Hannah Clark Willow Sorour Kyran Roe Giulia Sofgliarini Tyrone Harper Jakub Ziaja and Palagamsan Sivapathasundaram