The Golden Line - Bioshock London DLC

The Golden Line - Bioshock London DLC

Viktor Pecsi
by Giulia Sofgliarini, Hannah Clark, Jakub Ziaja, Kyran Roe, Palagamsan Sivapathasundaram, Tyrone Harper, Willow Sorour, and viktorpecsi on 31 May 2020

Game Art project in our 2nd year at Escape Studios.

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I was the producer and an environment artist for our 12 weeks long team project in our 2nd year at Escape studios, London. The brief was Bioshock London, a fictional DLC level that ties into the Bioshock universe while placed in or around London. Our team consisted of 9 students with the help of our tutors, we had to design, pitch, produce and showcase the entire level. We managed to finish a fully playable level, with gameplay elements, interactions, voice acting and sequencer events. It was a honour being part of such a great team and helping them with my management and artist skills.

My contribution to the project includes:

-Creating and tracking the asset list on a daily basis.

-Task scheduling and general project management.

-Creating and updating Trello pages to track progress.

-Building modular elements, such as walls, pipes, corridors and some reusable props such as doors or pillars.

-Creating a trim sheet to be used through the game for an unified look.

-Audio editing

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