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Teresa Park
by namussah on 31 May 2020

Creature sculpt made fully in zbrush. Hand painted and rendered in Arnold. The concept came to me in a seafood market.

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This was my very first high poly creature sculpt I made late 2019 as an assignment in a Zbrush course. I was inspired by the colors in some crabs I saw in the seafood market.

We were given a good amount of freedom with the assignment, as long as we pushed outselves to get used to making "crispy" details. I took the idea from concept sketch to fully modeled/polypainted in Zbrush, and then rendered in Arnold.

Check out my rough concept sketches below!

Some more single frame renders!

And finally, the turntable.

I had a lot of fun doing this project. Going into it pretty much new to Zbrush, I came out the other end confident in handling the software and its capabilities.

Thank you for viewing!

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