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Steam Engine- Lighting and CGI Grass
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Steam Engine- Lighting and CGI Grass

Alicia Rzewucki
by Christina Ryan (Rzewucki), Sam Hodge, and aliciarzewucki on 30 May 2020

For a new lighting shot, I've decided to apply a striking asset to footage with matching track and HDRI. The lighting was done in Houdini. CG grass had also been created and done in Houdini. Mantra was my chosen render. Compositing was done in Nuke. Lighting, FX and Compositing were done by me.

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Update - 30 May 2020

A shot of a steam engine in a sunny environment, in which was a project I worked on during my own spare time. I was provided with the asset as well as the plate with matching track and HDRI. Therefore I was responsible for all lighting and FX (CG Generated Grass) in this shot, as well as the compositing and redoing the track.

The modelling and texturing/surfacing of the steam engine was done by Christina Ryan (Rzewucki). The plate with matching HDRI and track was done by Sam Hodge.

I was going for a simple shot during a sunny day to show off my lighting skills. However it was decided to apply a CG grass simulation to allow the asset to appear better placed within the shot. I also had redone the track in 3D Equalizer to try to fix issues with slipping.

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